Project of the catalogue of Aleksandra Prusinowska's artworks

Project of the catalogue of Aleksandra Prusinowska's paintings and linocuts created between 2010 - 2015. The design of the publication alludes to her unique style and her artworks.

  • Layout
  • Typography
  • DTP
  • Photographies - reproductions of artworks

Aleksandra Prusinowska's catalogue was created as a crowning of the last five years of her art work and it is available her exhibitions. The project aims to expose works through an interesting, though minimalistic composition. The colour key for the publication was green, which is an element connecting the whole publication: green logo, green typographic elements, green pages and so on. Typography is light, elegant and slightly girly and perfectly completes the nature of the artworks created by Aleksandra. It was printed in offset technique.