Dom Młynarza - Branding

Branding for hotel Dom Młynarza and restaurant Rybie Żeberko in Żukczyn. Historical mill buildings of the hotel were used as inspiration to create a consistent image for all the design items.

Complete design branding for Dom Młynarza
DL flyer with photographs of the Hotel
Business cards
  • hotel logotype
  • restaurant logotype
  • website design
  • flyer
  • DL flyer
  • business cards
  • billboards
  • newspaper ad
  • food photography
  • interior photography
  • cardboard briefcase

In the logotype of the Hotel Dom Młynarza (it means Miller's House in polish) a cereal pictogram was created as a base for the design. That same pictogram was used in the Hotel's Restaurant Rybie Żeberko (it means fish spine). Despite being the same pictogram, in one logotype it looks like a cereal and on the other like a spine. Both logotypes establish individuality while representing the connectivity between both the Hotel and the Restaurant.