Aleksandra Prusinowska

Transition effect on home page of Aleksandra Prusinowska site
  • website design & developing
  • complete, original layout
  • color hover effect on top wide images
  • slideshow optimized for images with variable heights
  • zoom effect when clicking on image slideshows
  • custom font
  • news / blog section
  • dedicated manage area
  • english polish structure

Site is characterized by a color hover effect in some top wide images – putting mouse over those images smoothly changes them from black and white to their original colors. The purpose of this effect is to show how rich, vibrant and detailed are Aleksandra's artworks.

Green was used as main color to match the logotype and give a modern touch.The image slideshows are optimized to include varied image height to width ratios, and images can be zoomed in by clicking on them.

A dedicated manage area was created allowing to add or edit practically all of the content of the site (images, text, news).

Kontakt page with colorfull banner
Slideshow of artworks on website of Aleksandra Prusinowska