Dom Młynarza

Visualization of top area of website of hotel Dom Młynarza
  • website design and development
  • website optimization for code and images
  • page scrolling
  • image slideshows
  • logos design
  • handdrawn animations
  • photographs of interior and food
  • english polish translation

Website is a one page site, with menu always fixed on top of the browser. Clicking on any menu item scrolls the page to the corresponding section.

Due to the high number of images, existence of animations and sideshows, and the scrolling effect, there was a considerable focus on optimization for the code and the image assets, so that the site would be fluid and fast loading on any device.

The restaurant mood was shown with funny, cute animations for old animals drawings. All images, logos and photos are made by us.

The website design matches and expands the branding created for the Hotel and Restaurant. One of the main goals was for the clients to have all the info about the Hotel accessible at once, so the website is a one page site.

It was important to expose the restaurant as a standalone area, not necessarily dependent on the hotel, and that is why the restaurant section has unique features, like hand drawn animations.

Typography, colors and mood were inspired by the historical buildings (mill's estate) that have cosy interiors filled with stylish furniture, and by the surrounding nature and village air.

All images, logos and photos were made by us.

Middle area of the site
Website of Dom Młynarza on different devices